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Celebrating Month of the Military Child and Family at Lakeside

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Lakeside students are celebrating Month of the Military Child and Family. On April 12 they wore purple and through announcements and signatures on Purple Hearts displayed on each door, they recognized the importance of celebrating and honoring military connected families and their children. Thank you to all our retired and active military families and first responders for their service and sacrifice.

Date Added: 4/12/2024

VIDEO: Lakeside Students Learn about Solar Eclipse

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Lakeside School hosted school-wide assembly on Monday, April 8 to share engaging and educational information about the solar eclipse.

Organized by sixth grade teachers Melissa Robinson, and Soo Becchina and school social worker Dr. Lori Schneider, the event include science facts and safety tips.

“A total solar eclipse is a cycle every 18 months or so, when the moon covers the sun’s light completely,” explained sixth grader Natalie during the assembly. “A total solar eclipse is extremely rare because the orbit of the moon is not a perfect circle around Earth.”

“The last time Merrick had a total eclipse was in 1925,” added sixth grader Sloane. “The next time Merrick will get a total eclipse is in 2079,”

Students Soliel and Roxie demonstrated how to property open and wear the protective sunglasses distributed by the school.

Principal Libby Trencheny, Vice Principal Chris Colarossi and Dr. Schneider offered a visual look at what actually happens during an eclipse.

“The sun stays put, while the Earth rotates,” Colarossi said.

The moon, while revolving around the Earth, will travel in front of the sun during this eclipse.

Schools across the district provided eyeglass giveaways for students to take home and use under parental supervision.

“It is my hope that in the future, when you remember this historic event, you remember your time at Lakeside,” said Principal Libby Trencheny. “That you remember this is one of your homes, and a safe place where we all belong.”

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Date Added: 4/9/2024

Lakeside Kinders Learn About Solar Eclipse

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In Library on April 8, Lakeside kindergarten students in Ms. Parodi’s class read books about the solar eclipse.

They gave the sun and the moon a voice by animating them, using their Chatterpix program to explain what would happen during the solar eclipse.

Date Added: 4/9/2024

Lakeside Student Council Sets Students Up for a Life of Service

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She has been working independently and through Lakeside with Hewlett House for more than 15 years. Hewlett House is to support cancer patients at every stage of treatment. This community resource center provides services without charge.

“They have always been the recipient of the service efforts of Lakeside students,” she explained.

Shelby Watstein, one of Becchina’s former Lakeside students who is now a junior involved in student government at John F. Kennedy High School, continues service she was exposed to at Lakeside.

“Service is something you can teach your kids,” Becchina said. “You can start is in school, but you can always carry it on and continues it in your life.”

Watstein’s mother, Loretta Watstein, became involved at the parent volunteer level for student council for Shelby’s older sister. Shelby would tag along, soaking up the civic mindedness at an early age.

“From that point on I always wanted to be involved,” Shelby Watstein said. “When I got to the Lakeside, I was so excited to actually be a part of the student council without having to sit behind the students being silent. Student council has made me realize how the smallest gestures can help a large group of people and spread happiness. Whether it was planting at the Hewlett House or dropping off food at the community cupboard, I always enjoyed the experience knowing that I had a positive impact on someone else's life.”

When she got to high school, right away she knew she wanted to have a role in student government and get involved.

“Thanks to Ms. Becchina, I was taught to value opportunities to help others and I brought these values I've learned from lakeside with me to Kennedy High School as seen in our student government,” Watstein said.

Their relationship continues as Watstein and her mother assist Becchina with Hewlett House needs.

“We sat for hours organizing wigs and sorting them into piles,” Shelby Watstein explained. “While we did this, we discussed important matters in the community that need to be addressed. This was the exact reason I came to Ms. Becchina. When she says she'll make something happen, she always does.”

This is an additional community service effort for Shelby who is also working on a civic project for her leadership II class connecting young women in need with menstrual products.

Hewlett House executive director, Geri Barish, recently sought to have Becchina and Watstein on her KJOY Long Island radio show, Staying Healthy on Long Island, which focuses on health and wellness. They connected about service projects that Becchina organizes for students who are in student council.

The radio show aired on March 24.

Date Added: 3/28/2024

Lakeside Students Learn About Sound and Vibrations

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Students in Mrs. Cracchiolo's class at Lakeside have been learning about sound and vibrations. They have learned that sounds are caused by vibrations. Mrs. Cracchiolo's father, a professional drummer, came into the class to demonstrate how sounds are made from the vibrations of a drum.

The class was able to listen and play to the sounds made by drums and a cowbell.

Date Added: 3/26/2024

Lakeside Students Become Animators

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Students making stop animation videos. thumbnail255966
Fourth graders in the Stop Motion Animation Club at Lakeside take creativity to new heights. From doodles to stories, these young minds are turning their drawings into movies. Thanks to technology teacher Dr. Keri Sabella for overseeing this club.

Date Added: 3/8/2024

Lakeside Students Kick Off Board Meeting

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At the Feb. 27 Merrick Union Free School District board meeting, members of the Levy Lakeside Student Council led the Pledge of Allegiance.

They also spoke about all the amazing things that are going on at Lakeside, including spirit days, monthly service and year-long projects, as well as PARP.

Soo Becchina, a sixth grade teacher at Lakeside, serves as the faculty advisor.

Date Added: 3/1/2024

Lakeside Students Make Sandwiches for Charity

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To spread some love on Valentine’s Day, students atLakeside School donated and assembled cold cut sandwiches that were later distributed by The River Fund, a poverty center that connects those with food insecurity.

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give,” said Melissa Robinson, a sixth-grade teacher and the event organizer. “Today as a group we can make a difference. Let's work together and not only fill people's bellies but their hearts as well.”

The Lakeside PTA also donated supplies and money to go toward the effort.

In total, the classes donated nearly 2,000 sandwiches, as well as snack bags, extra bread and more.

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Date Added: 2/16/2024

Student Corner

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We continue to celebrate all of the great lessons and activities taking place in our schools. Here, in the Student Corner, we hear from our students in their own voices.

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The student council crew has just completed their service project for the month of March. They sponsored a collection for the Sunrise Day Camp. This camp offers children with cancer and their siblings a fun and safe summer experience. This special camp is located right here on Long Island. We collected arts and crafts supplies alongwith sports equipment. The Lakeside Lions did not disappoint! Their generosity was overwhelming. We collected over 15 boxes and bags filled with crayons, paint, glue, paper, scissors, hula hoops, jump ropes, basketballs and so much more! The Lakeside Lions definitely caught the spirit of giving for this amazing charity. We are so happy we could help kids just like ourselves! 

Jla N. 

Student Corner Photo

Recently the Lakeside Student Council invited the student government members from John F. Kennedy High School to attend one of their meetings! The student government shared some of the service projects they do. The student council crew will start incorporating some of these ideas into their own projects. The student council crew and the Kennedy Student Government have planned a joint service project. The recipient of the service will be The Hewlett House. The Hewlett House is a community resource center that assists anyone on Long Island who is suffering with cancer. Our goal is to spend a Sunday morning planting and beautifying the grounds. We plan to plant flowers and shrubs. This special project is slated to happen on May 19th. This is such a great example of what we can accomplish when we work together as a team! Lastly, the student council crew would like to thank the Kennedy Student Government members for coming by to see us. This meeting helped us to realize that service doesn't end with elementary school. It is a life long gesture! What an amazing experience!

Zach K.

Student Corner Photo

Over at Lakeside, students have been collecting for the Harvest of Love drive. In only two days, students and staff collected 12 boxes of individual snack bags, pieces of fruit, and toilet paper. The items were donated to The Inn.It felt great to know that we were able to help so many of neighbors who are struggling at this time.

By Olivia W.

Student Corner Students

The student council crew of Lakesidehas just finished their last service project for the 2023 school year. It was for Birthday Wishes. Birthday Wishes is an agencywhere theyprovidea birthday box for all the children who live in the homeless shelters of Nassau County. The Lakeside Lions collected gel pens, party favors, bubbles, fidget spinners, birthday wrapping paper, andRubik’s Cubes to name a few of the items. We were able to collect five huge boxes of supplies to donate to Birthday Wishes.All ofLakesidehopesthat every child in Nassau County has a wonderful birthday. 

Jackson F. 

Lakeside Students

The Levy Lakeside Student Council Crew just finished a very successful service project! We decided to collect donations for the Ronald McDonald House of the Metro New York area. The Ronald McDonald House is a place that provides housing for parents of very sick children who are in a hospital far from their home. We collected items like: boxed & canned food, paper goods, baby supplies, and toiletries.  

These items are used to help guests feel more comfortable while they are away from home. We set up bins in the lobby. We collected over 14 boxes/bags of the items that were listed on the flyer we sent home. We were thrilled with the outpouring of love that was received! We want to thank all the Lions who donated! It feels good to know we made a huge difference in the lives of others! 
By: Marin K. 

Levy Lakeside Student Council Crew

The Student Council would like to thank all of the Lakeside families who contributed over the last few weeks to our collection for the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter has dogs and cats that can be adopted. We are so happy to be able to help many animals at the shelter while they are waiting for a family to adopt them. We collected newspapers, food/treats, toys, leashes, collars, blankets, sheets, wee wee pads and more! We collected ten big bags and eight boxes worth of items! The Lakeside Lions are grateful to all of the generous families for helping our furry friends. 

Rina G. 

Student With Dog

Recently the Lakeside Student Council has been buying different things to help the school including the purchase of a new bench for our lobby, buying even more cups and cup dispensers, and buying three new trash cans for the outside fields.

In the front lobby of Lakeside, there is a brown bench and the student council has purchased a brand new red bench. This is so all students or visitors have a comfortable place to sit while waiting to be let in.

Last year the Student Council Crew tried putting cup dispensers in the 5th and 6th grade hallways and it was successful. Because of this success, they installed one next to each water fountain I the building. The cup dispensers are there so if you forget a water bottle you can always get a drink.

Recently, the Student Council Crew has purchased new trash cans for the back playground and fields. If you are at recces or even if you are here for a baseball game it is more convenient to throw out trash. These new cans have a covered lid so no trash can blow out of them.

These are only some of the things that the Student Council happily does to help our school.

By: Zachary K.

Student with water fountain  garbage can

In early December, the Lions of the Levy Lakeside Elementary School collected brand-new toys for the Toys for Tots program. Members of the Merrick Kiwanis came to pick up all the bags. In total, we collected enough bags to fill 11 HUGE bags. The toys collected were brand-new and unwrapped. The toys will be distributed to Long Island Children who may otherwise go without a holiday gift. The collection lasted for just 10 days and hundreds of toys were donated. We thank all the Lakeside Lions who brought in a toy for the collection. 

Thomas K. 

Student with bags full of toys

In late October, the students of Levy Lakeside placed Kindness Rocks in the front of the school. Last year all the Lakeside Lions in each class painted rocks with positive messages. Due to the construction that was taking place in the front of the building, we were not able to place the rocks outside at that time. Now that the construction has been completed, the Student Council Crew was able to finally place the rocks in front of the building. Now when students and parents come into our school their minds will be filled with positive words, messages, and quotes on beautiful, bright colored painted rocks. Last year The Student Council purchased hundreds of rocks and the materials for this project. During art class Ms. Raadsen oversaw the project making sure that the rocks were made the best they could be by each and every student. The rocks were thoughtfully placed around the island and front of the school. We hope you stop by to delight in a message of kindness. 

By: Jack Z. 

Levy Lakeside Students  Levy Lakeside Students

Recently, Norman J. Levy Lakeside hosted a Veteran’s Day ceremony to honor all the amazing veterans. This was an incredibly special moment because we have not hosted this event since before Covid. Our music teacher, Mr. Glemboski, played the piano and led us in the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner. We also had some of our 5th grade Student Council representatives stand as our color guard. We are so thankful that the veterans made time in their day to come and speak to all the Lakeside Lions. It is truly inspiring to see what others have done and continue to do to protect our country. Thank you to all the veterans for serving our nation. These veterans' honorable acts should be something we all continue to look up to. 

By: Lena M. 

Norman J. Levy Lakeside hosted a Veterans Day

On Monday, March 21, our school supported World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We dressed up in blue and yellow, and wore our most unique socks. It is important that we recognize this special day to ensure that everyone feels accepted for who they are. We thank all the Lakeside Lions who dressed up in recognition of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We wanted to show that respecting everyone's differences is the key to FRIENDSHIP!

Written by: Jenna F.

Lakeside school seal

Date Added: 4/27/2022

On March 22, the Levy Lakeside Students helped collect items for its annual Harvest of Love Day. The Harvest of Love Day gave the Lakeside family an opportunity to donate to those who are going through a rough time.

We would like to thank everyone who brought in items to donate, they were much appreciated. The items were brought to a local soup kitchen, The Inn.

We collected 26 bags/boxes of fresh apples and oranges, individual packages of snacks and individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper! This collection only took place for one day.

The Lakeside Lions did an incredible job of collecting and we hope that we were able to help those in need!

Written by: Sami G.

Students hold the items they raised to donate

Date Added: 4/12/22

This past month, the boys and girls at Levy Lakeside School helped collect tissue boxes for a service project. The idea was to decorate and color them.

Then, bring to the Hewlett house which is a community resource center for anyone suffering with cancer. We collected so many boxes and would like to thank everyone that brought them in. We are so glad that we could give back to the community.
The Lakeside Lions are so proud that we could help put a smile on their faces.

Ryan D.
Lakeside Student Council Member

students holding colorful boxes

Date Added: 3/22/2022

The Lakeside Levy School Student Council crew tries hard to help other kids ALL year long.

Over this past week, members of the Levy Lakeside student council helped collect many items for the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and Ruff House Rescue. We collected so much and would like to thank everyone who donated because it is super important to give back to the community. This will help our furry friends out until they can find a family to adopt them. We are so grateful that these wonderful shelters were willing to accept pet food, toys, towels, and so much more! Again, thank you to all who donated. All the Lakeside Lions are proud to live in such a giving community.

Owen K.

students with merch

The Lakeside Levy School Student Council crew tries hard to help other kids ALL year long.

During the holidays we want to make sure that every child in our neighborhood receives something special. This year we tried to help out by collecting brand new toys. We participated in Toys for Tots. The Lakeside Lions were able to collect nine HUGE boxes of brand-new toys for children of all ages.

We want to thank all the grown-ups and students who helped out by donating toys. We are so proud that we were given the chance to help. We wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Written by: Ben M.

Levy Student Council  Levy Student Council