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Current News

VIDEO: Lakeside Hosts Community Read Aloud

Lakeside Students at community event thumbnail240255

Levy Lakeside School once again hosted a successful Community Read Aloud on Jan. 20, where local business leaders, community members and other school family members were invited to read to classes.

To kick off PARP (Pick a Reading Partner Week), guests gathered for a welcome breakfast ahead of their personal reading experience.

Organized jointly by the Lakeside PTA and school librarian Melissa Levine, the event encouraged readers to select a favorite book to share with students, as an option, teachers also selected stories that often reflects the Levy Lakeside values of kindness, inclusivity, and diversity.

“This year we will be focusing on embracing a culture where social emotional learning is infused throughout our experiences, and books to support this message are most welcome,” explained Principal Libby Trencheny.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/20/2023

Lakeside Green Screen Club Brings Digital Creations to Reality

Grade_6-1.jpg thumbnail240161
Grade_6-2.jpg thumbnail240162
Grade_6-3.jpg thumbnail240163
Grade_5-2.jpg thumbnail240164
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Members of the Lakeside Green Screen Club, under advisement of Dr. Keri Sabella, have been making new creations become on screen reality.  

The sixth graders in the club have been taking their green screen knowledge and applying it to stop motion animation. 

Date Added: 1/19/2023

Lakeside Fourth Graders Conduct Science Research

Students in Class Working Together thumbnail240013
Students in Class Working Together thumbnail240014
Students in Class Working Together thumbnail240015
Students in Class Working Together thumbnail240016

Students in Tatiana Flores' fourth grade class at Lakeside worked in collaborative groups to develop plans for dividing roles and responsibilities for research.

Each group chose a different natural disaster to conduct research on and listed different subtopics they would need to cover as a group.

“Students did a great job communicating and collaborating together,” Flores said.

Date Added: 1/17/2023

Lakeside First Graders Mark the First Day of Winter

Students in Ilene Klein's first grade class thumbnail239277
Students in Ilene Klein's first grade class thumbnail239278
Students in Ilene Klein's first grade class thumbnail239279
Students in Ilene Klein's first grade class thumbnail239280

Students in Ilene Klein's first grade class at Lakeside celebrated the first day of winter ahead of the break.

“We all dressed in white clothing, created lists of white items, read winter books and poems, and used shaving cream to write our names and many other words,” Klein explained.

Date Added: 1/3/2023

Lakeside Library Celebrates Literary Diversity During the Holidays

Students participate in holiday book event thumbnail238601
Students participate in holiday book event thumbnail238602
Students participate in holiday book event thumbnail238603
Students participate in holiday book event thumbnail238604

Lakeside Librarian Melissa Levine created a diverse holiday book tasting/exploration, where students are learning about different winter holidays to discover how many of holidays have things in common-lights, family, foods and celebrations.

“We explored winter holidays to learn how we are really all connected rather than different,” she added.

Date Added: 12/16/2022

Student Corner

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We continue to celebrate all of the great lessons and activities taking place in our schools. Here, in the Student Corner, we hear from our students in their own voices.

Recently the Lakeside Student Council has been buying different things to help the school including the purchase of a new bench for our lobby, buying even more cups and cup dispensers, and buying three new trash cans for the outside fields.

In the front lobby of Lakeside, there is a brown bench and the student council has purchased a brand new red bench. This is so all students or visitors have a comfortable place to sit while waiting to be let in.

Last year the Student Council Crew tried putting cup dispensers in the 5th and 6th grade hallways and it was successful. Because of this success, they installed one next to each water fountain I the building. The cup dispensers are there so if you forget a water bottle you can always get a drink.

Recently, the Student Council Crew has purchased new trash cans for the back playground and fields. If you are at recces or even if you are here for a baseball game it is more convenient to throw out trash. These new cans have a covered lid so no trash can blow out of them.

These are only some of the things that the Student Council happily does to help our school.

By: Zachary K.

Student with water fountain  garbage can

In early December, the Lions of the Levy Lakeside Elementary School collected brand-new toys for the Toys for Tots program. Members of the Merrick Kiwanis came to pick up all the bags. In total, we collected enough bags to fill 11 HUGE bags. The toys collected were brand-new and unwrapped. The toys will be distributed to Long Island Children who may otherwise go without a holiday gift. The collection lasted for just 10 days and hundreds of toys were donated. We thank all the Lakeside Lions who brought in a toy for the collection. 

Thomas K. 

Student with bags full of toys

In late October, the students of Levy Lakeside placed Kindness Rocks in the front of the school. Last year all the Lakeside Lions in each class painted rocks with positive messages. Due to the construction that was taking place in the front of the building, we were not able to place the rocks outside at that time. Now that the construction has been completed, the Student Council Crew was able to finally place the rocks in front of the building. Now when students and parents come into our school their minds will be filled with positive words, messages, and quotes on beautiful, bright colored painted rocks. Last year The Student Council purchased hundreds of rocks and the materials for this project. During art class Ms. Raadsen oversaw the project making sure that the rocks were made the best they could be by each and every student. The rocks were thoughtfully placed around the island and front of the school. We hope you stop by to delight in a message of kindness. 

By: Jack Z. 

Levy Lakeside Students  Levy Lakeside Students

Recently, Norman J. Levy Lakeside hosted a Veteran’s Day ceremony to honor all the amazing veterans. This was an incredibly special moment because we have not hosted this event since before Covid. Our music teacher, Mr. Glemboski, played the piano and led us in the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner. We also had some of our 5th grade Student Council representatives stand as our color guard. We are so thankful that the veterans made time in their day to come and speak to all the Lakeside Lions. It is truly inspiring to see what others have done and continue to do to protect our country. Thank you to all the veterans for serving our nation. These veterans' honorable acts should be something we all continue to look up to. 

By: Lena M. 

Norman J. Levy Lakeside hosted a Veterans Day

On Monday, March 21, our school supported World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We dressed up in blue and yellow, and wore our most unique socks. It is important that we recognize this special day to ensure that everyone feels accepted for who they are. We thank all the Lakeside Lions who dressed up in recognition of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We wanted to show that respecting everyone's differences is the key to FRIENDSHIP!

Written by: Jenna F.

Lakeside school seal

Date Added: 4/27/2022

On March 22, the Levy Lakeside Students helped collect items for its annual Harvest of Love Day. The Harvest of Love Day gave the Lakeside family an opportunity to donate to those who are going through a rough time.

We would like to thank everyone who brought in items to donate, they were much appreciated. The items were brought to a local soup kitchen, The Inn.

We collected 26 bags/boxes of fresh apples and oranges, individual packages of snacks and individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper! This collection only took place for one day.

The Lakeside Lions did an incredible job of collecting and we hope that we were able to help those in need!

Written by: Sami G.

Students hold the items they raised to donate

Date Added: 4/12/22

This past month, the boys and girls at Levy Lakeside School helped collect tissue boxes for a service project. The idea was to decorate and color them.

Then, bring to the Hewlett house which is a community resource center for anyone suffering with cancer. We collected so many boxes and would like to thank everyone that brought them in. We are so glad that we could give back to the community.
The Lakeside Lions are so proud that we could help put a smile on their faces.

Ryan D.
Lakeside Student Council Member

students holding colorful boxes

Date Added: 3/22/2022

The Lakeside Levy School Student Council crew tries hard to help other kids ALL year long.

Over this past week, members of the Levy Lakeside student council helped collect many items for the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and Ruff House Rescue. We collected so much and would like to thank everyone who donated because it is super important to give back to the community. This will help our furry friends out until they can find a family to adopt them. We are so grateful that these wonderful shelters were willing to accept pet food, toys, towels, and so much more! Again, thank you to all who donated. All the Lakeside Lions are proud to live in such a giving community.

Owen K.

students with merch

The Lakeside Levy School Student Council crew tries hard to help other kids ALL year long.

During the holidays we want to make sure that every child in our neighborhood receives something special. This year we tried to help out by collecting brand new toys. We participated in Toys for Tots. The Lakeside Lions were able to collect nine HUGE boxes of brand-new toys for children of all ages.

We want to thank all the grown-ups and students who helped out by donating toys. We are so proud that we were given the chance to help. We wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Written by: Ben M.

Levy Student Council  Levy Student Council

Rainbow Day, Day of Acceptance

On Friday, May 14th, the Lakeside Lions had their 3rd spirit day which was sponsored by its student council! It was called Rainbow Day, Day of Acceptance. Each grade level wore their own color to show that although we may be different in some ways, we all fit together like the colors of the rainbow. Lakeside is an inclusive school. No matter how different people are from one another, we are loving and accepting of all! Our differences make us UNIQUE! This spirit day just goes to show that no matter how different we are on the outside, we are all the same on the inside. It is our job to make everyone feel included at the Levy Lakeside School!

For each spirit day we announce spirit day questions during the morning announcements. When classes submit correct responses, they earn a class set of paw pencils. For the first time ever, we had two different sets of spirit day questions, one for k-3rd grade and one for 4th-6th grade. All these questions had something to do with DIVERSITY and EQUALITY! These are the things that make the world so much fun! They teach us to accept everyone no matter what! This spirit day was a huge success! To wrap up this fun filled colorful day; we got the chance to win super cool pencils! This was a great way to come back from a relaxing day off! There is always a ton of Lion Pride at the Lakeside School!

Written by: Sami G.

“The Student Council Crew of Lakeside would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the Lion Families for sending in items for our collection for Bobbi and the Strays. Bobbi and the Strays is a local animal shelter who has cats and dogs that can be adopted. The furry pets live there until they find their FOREVER HOME! Some of the items we collected were: Old towels, spray disinfectant, kitty litter, wee wee pads, and cat/dog treats. In addition, some of the Lakeside Lions brought in items that Bobbi and the Strays weren’t able to use. These items were donated to the Nassau County Animal Shelter. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to help out many of our furry friends!”

By: Reese G.

“This year has been a difficult one for many people. Each year the Lakeside Student Council hosts a dance-a-thon. Typically, the 4-6th graders raise money for two chosen charities. Since a dance-a-thon was not permitted this year, the crew wanted to still donate to two charities. It was decided that we would donate $400 from our own account. We decided to donate $200 to The Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House provides all the comforts of home to family members when their children are hospitalized and they are far from home. The second charity we donated $200 to is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is a hospital that focuses on the care of children with life threatening illnesses. The doctors there also conduct research so they can find cures for many of the diseases. We are sure both charities will put our money to good use. Even in rough times, the Lakeside Lions are very proud to help in every way possible! ROAR!!!!

By: Samara B.

Date Added: 5/7/2021

Lakeside Fifth Graders Use Teamwork in Scavenger Hunt

Lakeside Fifth Graders Working Together thumbnail237883
Lakeside Fifth Graders Working Together thumbnail237884
Lakeside Fifth Graders Working Together thumbnail237885
Lakeside Fifth Graders Working Together thumbnail237886
Lakeside Fifth Graders Working Together thumbnail237887
Lakeside Fifth Graders Working Together thumbnail237888

Students in Randi Walsh, Jennifer Meschkow and Johanna Kramer's 5th grade classes at Lakeside completed a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.

They needed to solve math problems that led them to different locations around the school where they would then find another math problem waiting to be solved.

Date Added: 12/5/2022