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Dear Birch Families,

Thank you for joining us today for our Birch Community Meeting. It was wonderful to see so many of you viewing it live. We hope we were able to address more of your concerns and questions, therefore increasing your comfort and eagerness to return to school on Tuesday, September 8th.

In case you missed it, the meeting was recorded and is available using the link below. Please note, the footage begins about an hour into the video. We have attached our presentation as well.

As the summer fades, we are all a bit saddened. But at the same time, we are so excited to start school. As you know, our school opening will look a little differently this September, but we are confident the children will have a fantastic experience reuniting with their teachers and being part of our community of learners.

See you soon,

Kerri Galante       Chris Hoisik

Principal                Assistant Principal

A Message to Birch Students



Birch Parade

Current News

Birch School Students and Staff Sport ‘Glover’s Covers’

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Thanks to the generosity of Cynthia Glover, a parent in the Merrick Union Free School District, teachers and students at Birch School are sporting face masks that not only coincide with upcoming holidays, but also fit their personal style.

In March, when school buildings closed in response to COVID-19, Mrs. Glover’s daughter Keira was suddenly learning from home and, like many of her classmates, felt disconnected from her friends and teachers. In response, Mrs. Glover enlisted Keira’s help in designing masks for family and friends — a partnership that would blossom into “Glover’s Covers.”

Since March, the mother-daughter team have created more than 300 masks, which they have donated free of charge to Keira’s friends, community members and essential workers. Once schools reopened in September, they extended their reach to faculty, staff and students as a way to give back and stay connected after making the decision to enroll Keira, now a third grader at Birch, in the district’s voluntary remote program. Once a week, the duo drops off 8-10 hand washable, cotton masks at Birch School for distribution. 

“To me, making a mask and giving it out for free was my way of contributing a little,” Mrs. Glover said. “You think, ‘how can I help other people?’ And, this is something I can do with my daughter so that she feels connected to her friends.”


Birch Beavers Spread Message of Health and Safety

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Congratulations to the following Birch Elementary School students within the Merrick Union Free School District who participated in the “Health and Wellness Week Poster Contest.” The posters, which are filled with responsible and creative messages, are proudly displayed throughout the building.

“We are proud and grateful for all families who took the time to help us spread our message about making safe and healthy choices,” Principal Kerri Galante said.

Kindergarten- Max Tetenbaum
1st Grade – Cade DeLeo
2nd Grade – Dominick Palmiotto
3rd Grade – Chelsea Schlechter
4th Grade – Lara Krell
5th Grade – Ryan Wexler
6th Grade – Diego Jimenez


Lakeside and Birch Students Thank Veterans for Their Service

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In lieu of Levy Lakeside and Birch Elementary Schools’ annual Veterans Day celebrations, members of the schools’ Parent Teachers Associations both shared a virtual presentation with Merrick students. 

In Lakeside’s video, families with members who served and continue to serve in the armed forces spoke about their experiences and shared the importance of Veterans Day with students. Many spoke about positions that they held and where they were stationed throughout their years of service. All of them, thanked the students and the Lakeside community for celebrating their freedoms in observance of Veterans Day.  

“With our annual Veteran’s Day assembly canceled due to COVID-19, we were trying to come up with some way of teaching the students about the importance of Veterans Day,” Lakeside School Principal Elizabeth Trencheny said. “This gives us and them a new opportunity to recognize and thank our community members who are veterans.”

Birch’s video featured students of all grades thanking veterans for their service. Many shared stories and photos of their own family’s heroes, from soldiers in World War II to active men and women serving in the armed forces. 

“We honor you tomorrow on Veterans Day and every day,” Birch School Principal Kerri Galante said.

At lakeside, community members were encouraged to honor family members and friends who served in the United States Military by purchasing an American flag to be flown in front of the school.

Nassau County Legislator Steven Rhoads was also invited to speak in Lakeside’s video, sharing his own family ties to Veterans Day and its importance. 

“Every single generation of Americans has produced men and women of exceptional courage and character, who’ve worn the uniform of our country in defense of our freedoms,” he said. “We need to make sure that we don’t take them for granted and that we’re celebrating the people that through their blood and through their sacrifice have preserved those freedoms for us. That’s what Veteran’s Day is really all about.”

Lakeside PTA Video:


Birch PTA Video:



Students at Birch School, They’ve Got the Beat

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Music is flowing at Birch School as elementary school students within the Merrick Union Free School District learn to use “Quaver Music.” The K-6 music curriculum, acquired by the district in September, is helping to reimagine music lessons during the global pandemic. 

“One of the highlights is that students can access the program through their computers to further engage in the activities and assignments that are provided by their teachers,” music teacher Paul Graham said.

Recently, students in Kelly Merkle’s class focused on rhythmically moving through several exercises, designed to ignite more than just a passion for music. Students also expanded their reading, physical education and mathematics skills by moving to and counting the beat. 

Many teachers have even begun using Quaver Music as a tool to promote social emotional learning in their classrooms. By engaging in yoga-like movements and customizing tempos, students learn important mindfulness activities to practice both in school and at home. 


Birch Students Take A ‘Journey into American Indian Territory’

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Fourth graders at Birch School within the Merrick Union Free School District recently took a trip into American Indian territory. Through storytelling, cultural artifacts, song and dance, the virtual presentation, taught students about tribal traditions, folktales and Native American history. 

The “Journeys into American Indian Territory” program serves as an expansion of the students’ social studies curriculum. The presentation helped students to understand cultural traditions and move beyond stereotypes of Native Americans typically depicted in film. 


Birch Beavers Celebrate Red Ribbon Week

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Last week, Oct. 26-30,  Birch School students in the Merrick School District celebrated Red Ribbon Week. The goal was to celebrate students’ uniqueness and character through this year’s theme: “Be Happy! Be Brave! Be YOU!”

To get the entire Birch community into the spirit of Red Ribbon Week, faculty, staff, students and administrators wore red on Monday, pajamas on Tuesday and dressed as their favorite superheroes on Wednesday. To kick off Unity Day on Thursday, the school community wore their favorite black and gold Birch gear.

To conclude Red Ribbon Week, on Friday, students were encouraged to “show their true character” and wear their Halloween costumes. 


Birch students ‘Behind the Mask’

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In the first few weeks at Birch School, fourth graders in Danielle Stack and Trish Luberto’s class got creative when introducing themselves to their classmates. Students recently debuted their art project, “Behind the Mask,” and shared with their peers, words that they felt best described themselves. Characteristics written in colored pencil, marker and crayon included adjectives like kind, athletic, beautiful and smart. “We talked all about how even though the mask is there, we want everyone to see us for the amazing people we are behind it,” Ms. Stack said.   

Birch Students Celebrate Diversity with Tinfoil Cartoons

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At Birch School, Dana Gillman's kindergarten, first and second grade art classes are working on cartoons based on the book "Mixed," by Arree Chung. The book encourages its readers to celebrate and be proud of one another’s differences. This week, students started creating their background using tinfoil printmaking. Next week, students will begin designing their cartoons to be placed on top of that print.

 “Each one will turn out different and unique, just like all of us,” Ms. Gillman said.