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Students Discover that “Math is Everywhere”

Mrs. O'Donnell's kindergarten class photo thumbnail183094
Kindergarten students holding up their
Kindergarten students holding up their
Kindergarten students holding up their
Kindergarten students from Chatterton Elementary School held a “Math is Everywhere” celebration to recognize that math can be found in all aspects of everyday life.

As part of the celebration, students from Mrs. O’Donnell’s class went on a school scavenger hunt to discover where math could be found throughout the building.

“Students learned that math is everywhere we look, like in our classroom, homes and even in the restaurants we eat in!” said Mrs. O’Donnell.

The kindergartners also designed posters to show off all the places where math can be found. They then shared their posters with the entire class and shared in a celebratory chant of “Math is Everywhere!”

Students in Mrs. Shultz and Ms. Vernice’s classes also held similar math celebrations.

Chatterton School March Students of the Month

Chatterton School March Students of the Month Photo thumbnail182479

Congratulations to Chatterton School’s March Students of the Month. Each month, students from each grade are selected by their classroom teachers for displaying respect, friendliness goods manners and concern towards teachers, classmates and staff.

Kindergarten: Kane G., Kaitlin M. and Devin M.

Grade 1: Cole C., Grant G., Riley G. and Molly M.

Grade 2: Benjamin B., Elise D. and Michael S.

Grade 3: Charlie C., Ruby C., Evelyn S. and Abigail S.

Grade 4: James M., Adriana N. and Sofia P.

Grade 5: Brandon C., Ava G. and Daniel Z.

Grade 6: Ella B., Leland K., Katy M. and Angelina S.

Students Hold Nonfiction Reading Celebration

Nonfiction Reading thumbnail182463

Kindergarten students in Mrs. O’Donnell’s class at Chatterton Elementary School in the Merrick School District celebrated the genre of nonfiction during their “Thank You Nonfiction” reading celebration.

“Students have been expanding their minds while immersed in factual books,” said Mrs. O’Donnell. “They’ve been working independently and with partners to record facts and share their knowledge with their classmates and parents!”

Students shared their excitement during the celebration with applause and chants of, “Thank you, nonfiction!”

Students Learn About the Holocaust Through Virtual Visits

Merrick_Remembrance thumbnail182347

Fifth and sixth grade students from Chatterton School in the Merrick Union Free School District recently learned about the Holocaust during their library classes with school librarian Ellen Widawsky. 

Students virtually visited the Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza in Pennsylvania and to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam to learn about this terrible time in history.  Their study of the Holocaust concluded with a research project on upstanders, perpetrators, victims and bystanders, which were displayed on a bulletin board within the school.

‘March Madness’ Kicks Off At Chatterton School

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Chatterton School launched “March Madness Week” on March 22. Throughout the week, students will learn healthy habits by participating in daily exercise and friendly competitions. To accommodate for the increase in physical activity, students, teachers and staff are asked to wear active gear, such as sweatpants and sneakers, throughout the week. Students are also encouraged to continue these important talks at home to help form healthy habits for an active and healthy life. 

Merrick Students Learn Respect At Chatterton School

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At Chatterton School, kindergarten students in Melissa O’Donnell’s class have been working on opinion writing. All of their hard work paid off on March 19 when they celebrated their writing by sharing their opinions about “which is better, paint or Play-Doh?” Students celebrated and respected each of their peers by clapping and cheering for all members of the class, regardless of their choice. Students realized that all opinions are important and deserve respect.

‘Your Masked Identity’: A No Place For Hate Activity At Chatterton School

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As a No Place for Hate School, Roland A. Chatterton School strives each and every day to demonstrate messages of unity and inclusivity for all. In earning the Anti-Defamation League’s designation, administrators, faculty and staff are constantly instituting new programs and activities to raise awareness of important topics such as respect, bullying and acceptance. To that end, on March 7, students recently participated in Chatterton’s second No Place for Hate activity of the 2020-2021 school year: “Your Masked Identity.” 

Since school buildings reopened in September, students within the Merrick School District have adjusted well to wearing face coverings, recognizing the need to keep themselves and others safe. But, masks were worn long before the global pandemic and will be worn long after. As a Chatterton community, students recently explored the significance of mask wearing throughout the world, particularly as it relates to traditions and cultures.

Students participated in activities in which they identified personal traits, emotions and characteristics that may be invisible or unknown to others. Students also decorated masks of their own to wear throughout the day. 

Additionally, students were invited to participate in a virtual field trip to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, during which they explored the museum’s extensive mask collection.   

The “Your Masked Identity” activity culminated with a read aloud of “The Day You Begin” by Jacquelin Woodson — a story about finding the courage to connect, even when different.   As Jacquelin Woodson writes, “There will be times when you walk into a room and no one there is quite like you until the day you begin to tell your stories.”

 Inspired by her words, students began to recognize the need for the opinions and experiences of others. 

In a letter home to families, Chatterton’s No Place for Hate Committee wrote, “In stopping for a moment, to listen, to consider the stories of those around us, we may find an entry point into a world more united and more harmonious.”

Students were encouraged to continue conversations of diversity, equity, acceptance and inclusion at home, as well as sign ADL’s No Place for Hate pledge.  

Student and Teacher Testimonials:

Kindergarten teacher – “Our kids really enjoyed talking about their interests outside of school and what makes them special. It was a very cute activity!”
1st Grade teacher – “The students really enjoyed learning inside and outside traits about themselves.  The PowerPoint and video were engaging, and the students enjoyed sharing more about themselves with their peers.  The kids loved learning new things about each other.  They were amazed at some of the new things we learned about each other. As a teacher, I absolutely enjoyed the activity and enjoyed learning more. It was nice helping the students understand those inside and outside traits that could be masked.”
2nd Grade teacher – “In speaking to the class, the children felt having the conversation of there being two sides of a person was important! They felt it makes people aware of how the inside part really counts!”
2nd Grade teacher – “The children really enjoyed making the masks and sharing them.  The pictures and information given to us made doing the lesson easy and they loved learning about all the different types of masks.
Teacher – “It was wonderful to teach diversity and culture to the children which I feel is very important.”
3rd Grade student - "It helped to express ourselves." "It showed our inside traits that people don't get to see."  "It shows who you are."  "It shows people that we are all different, yet the same."
2nd Grade students -  "I liked dressing up.  I liked how everyone had different things that were special about them." 
     " Yes, I loved it!  We got to decorate our own masks.  People don't know who you are until to talk to them about yourself." 
     "When you hold it up you can see what is on the inside.  Then when you turned it or get to know them, they you can see what the person has on the inside." 



Merrick Musicians Chosen For LISFA Fiddle Music Workshop

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Screen_Shot_2021-03-07_at_9.15.52_AM.png thumbnail181475
Screen_Shot_2021-03-07_at_9.22.29_AM.png thumbnail181476

Congratulations to the following Merrick School District students from Birch and Chatterton Elementary Schools for being selected to participate in a virtual Fiddle Music workshop sponsored by the Long Island String Festival Association on March 7. Students enjoyed performances by clinicians and famous fiddler composer Mark O’Connor and his wife Maggie O’Connor.

“This was a once in a lifetime exciting opportunity for these very deserving, young Merrick musicians,” orchestra teacher Marcia Miller said. “Congratulations to them all!”

Kellan A. (viola) – Grade 6

Chloe A. (cello) - Grade 5
Leland K. (violin) - Grade 6
Jonas W. (violin) - Grade 6
Sky Z. (cello) - Grade 6