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ChattertonRoland A. Chatterton School

108 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, NY 11566

Phone: 516 992-7270

Current News

Chatterton Students Journey Around the World

Chatterton students and faculty took a journey around the world on Feb. 12 whentalented third graders showcased a diverse performance featuring traditional cultural dances from Italy, Brazil, and China.

Through energetic choreography and authentic costumes, students brought the heritage and spirit of each culture to life on stage. This unforgettable performance not only showcased the students' dedication and creativity but also fostered a deeper understanding and respect for cultures beyond our own.

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Date Added: 2/15/2024

Chatterton Students Mark 100th Day of School

IMG_6562(2).jpg thumbnail255093
Kindergarteners from Chatterton participated in a parade to mark their 100th day of learning.

Students from Pre-K through 6 got to see them all dressed up and showed their support. Students from all ages were decked out in creative costumes crafted from 100 items, 100 years old, or shirts with the number 100 on it to show their excitement for the occasion.

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Date Added: 2/13/2024

Chatterton Fourth Graders Create Long House Replicas

Students creating log houses out of cardboard. thumbnail255094
AnnaRose Savino’s fourth grade class at Chatterton worked on creating long house replicas for our Native Americans of New York unit.

Students used materials to build features of the king house. They wrote detailed cards describing the different features seen.

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Date Added: 2/13/2024

Chatterton Hosts Community Read Aloud

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Chatterton School hosted a successful Community Read Aloud on Jan. 26, where local business leaders, community members and other school family members were invited to read to classes.

As part of the school’s PARP or Pick a Reading Partner program, guests gathered for a welcome breakfast ahead of their personal reading experience.

Organized jointly by the Chatterton PTA and school librarian Ellen Widawsky, the event went along with the PARP theme of “A Book-Filled Birthday Bash” to commemorate the building’s 100th birthday.

“In celebrating this milestone, we have been sharing ideas about how birthdays bring joy and fun and this was a great chance for children to hear an influential community member that brings life and fun and everything that is true to Merrick here,” explained Principal Dana Bermas.

Birthday-themed books were selected for each community reader, which they in turn gifted their assigned class.

Other PARP activities included an assembly with author Susan Verde, shopped at a book fair, enjoyed shared reading experiences and a celebratory DJ dance party, all part of the PARP collaboration between the school at PTA.

Collectively they logged 69,936 minutes of reading throughout PARP.

“We hope that the excitement of PARP lives on as we continue to celebrate books and find the joy and love in reading,” added Bermas.

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Date Added: 1/30/2024

Chatterton PARP Continues With Author Visit

Author Susan Verde visited Chatterton on Jan. 22to be a part of Chatterton's PARP week. Susan Verde’s books tell tales of magical museum visits, serendipitous friendships, caring for the environment and more. Students from pre-k to sixthgot to work on mindfulness, yoga, and read one of her special books with her. Students also celebrated PARP on Jan. 23 by dressing as a book or Disney character. Even staff got to enjoy this fabulous day.

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Date Added: 1/24/2024

Chatterton Kicks Off PARP With Schoolwide Reading Event

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On Jan. 18 during their PARP kickoff, Chatterton brought back their annual PARP school-wide reading event.

This year, small groups of students from grades K-6 all read the same book in different classrooms. Students and staff were divided up by their birthday month and together the groups read “The Backwards Birthday.”

Following the read aloud, groups sang the song that goes with the book and played vigorous rounds of charades.

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Date Added: 1/22/2024

Chatterton Kinders Are Part of Buddy Club

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Group picture of students in their classroom thumbnail254148
Students of Ms. Cain’s fifthgrade class visited with Chatterton’s kindergarten classes as part of the Kindergarten Buddy Club.

The fifth graders read “Just Like Snowflakes” by Dianne Emi Chu to the class and engaged them in a discussion about what makes each of them special and unique like a snowflake.

The kindergarteners were then guided to decorate their own unique snowflake made of popsicle sticks as a reminder to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and make the world a more accepting and beautiful place.

Date Added: 1/17/2024

Chatterton Students Accepted into Gifted Math Institute

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Two Chatterton students were accepted into the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students, a program for talented mathematicians looking to challenge themselves and learn math beyond what is taught in the classroom.

Held at SUNY Old Westbury on the weekends, the acceptance of Nolan Auyeung and Hana Kwok makes them among the top 1/10th of math students across Long Island.

“Hana and Nolan are both exceptional math students,” noted their teacher, James Keenan. “They demonstrate outstanding number sense, are skilled in the use of mathematical operations, and have a significant ability to solve math problems. This program is sure to challenge them and allow them to grow tremendously as problem solvers.”

The Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students' mission is to enhance the problem-solving skills of exceptionally talented students using advanced mathematics and creative thinking. Open to grades 4-9, acceptance into the institute is based on exam performance. Registration for next year’s exam closes on April 10.

VIDEO: Chatterton Readies for PARP

Chatterton students are getting ready for PARP week, kicking off on Jan. 18. The students in sixth grade media club curated a segment to explain all activities for PARP and to get all the students excited.

The video will be played in classrooms before PARP week begins.

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Date Added: 1/16/2024

VIDEO: Chatterton Students Research Pop Culture Through Last 100 Years

VIDEO: Chatterton Students Research Pop Culture Through Last 100 Years  thumbnail253886

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Date Added: 1/9/2024

Chatterton Student Council Organizes Successful Toy Drive

Group picture of students with toys in their hands thumbnail253803
Each year the Chatterton Student Council in the Merrick Union Free School District collects new toys for children in need.

At the end of December, the student council organized the toys to be donated to Kiwanis and Natalie's Wings, an organization that distributes toys to ill children in local hospitals.

Date Added: 1/4/2024