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Author Leaves an Impression

Author Leaves an Impression photo
During Chatterton School’s recent Pick a Reading Partner week, students and staff welcomed author/illustrator Peter Catalanotto to speak about his life and career. Mr. Catalanotto shared his creative process with students, beginning with how he finds inspiration for his work that culminates in a finished book, demonstrating basic strategies for coming up with ideas and developing them into works of literature.

Keeping with school tradition, Mr. Catalanotto’s handprint has been added to the special wall that displays the handprints of the many wonderful authors who have visited Chatterton through the years.

Camping With a Good Book

Camping With a Good Book photo

Chatterton School recently transformed its gymnasium into a campsite for the annual PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) kickoff assembly. Every year, each Merrick school designates one to two weeks to celebrate PARP and promote reading in and out of school through a variety of fun and engaging activities. This year’s theme at Chatterton is “Camp Out With a Good Book.”

Principal Dana Bermas and Assistant Principal Michael DeLuca wore park ranger caps as they led the schoolwide assembly that accented the joy of reading. Students wore green and brown camouflage. Led by three faculty members, Dr. Nasto, Dr. Curtis and Dr. Green, older students guided younger in some favorite campfire songs around an artificial, but authentic-looking, campfire set up in the middle of the gym. There was also a read-aloud of the book “Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping,” and technology teacher Traci Colfer prepared a fun camping video that was met with many laughs!

Activities throughout Chatterton’s PARP celebration include visits from representatives of the Tackapausha Habitat Museum, random Drop Everything and Read callouts, guest readers from the community, a visit and reading from author Peter Catalanotto, a Bingo for Books event, pajama day, ‘campfire’ readings and more. 

Chatterton’s PARP celebration runs through mid-January. Birch School celebrates PARP in late January-early February. Levy Lakeside will hold its PARP celebration in March. Happy reading!

Holocaust Survivor Preaches Tolerance, Positivity

Holocaust Survivor Preaches Tolerance, Positivity photo

Chatterton School was pleased to have all the school’s fifth- and sixth-grade students meet with Marion Blumenthal Lazan, a Holocaust survivor and co-author of the book “Four Perfect Pebbles.” Lazan provided her firsthand account of the Holocaust, which is also the subject of her book. During her presentation she stressed the importance of tolerance and denounced stereotyping people based on religious belief, color, race or national origin. She encouraged students to always think positively and use their inner strength when overcoming adversity.

Special thanks to the Chatterton PTA Cultural Arts Program for supporting this important program for students.

Recreating a Historical Broadcast

Recreating a Historical Broadcast

Fifth-graders at Chatterton School recently recreated history with their annual radio show rebroadcast of the H.G. Wells novel “The War of the Worlds.” Under the direction of the school’s music teacher Dr. Richard Nasto, students learned about the story, the Oct. 30, 1938, broadcast delivered by Orson Welles over the CBS radio network and the news debacle that followed.

Students took an edited script of the original Mercury Theatre broadcast and have been recording it in step with the original broadcast. They also have been adding musical performances as interludes and creating sound effects where appropriate through the [Patrick] Foley technique of using inanimate objects and other resources at their disposal.