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Birch Kindergartners Build Shade Structures

Photo of BES kindergarteners thumbnail199912
BES kindergarteners build shade structures. thumbnail199913
BES kindergarteners build shade structures. thumbnail199914
During their science unit on weather, students in Cara Hardecker's kindergarten class at Birch Elementary School used what they learned in class to design shade structures to be protected from the sun.

“Students followed the steps of the engineering design process to plan out their ideas, build and create their designs,” explained Hardecker. “They then excitedly tested their shade structures outside in the sunshine.”

Chatterton Students Guess the Flag in Spanish Class

Chatterton Students playing 'Adivina La Bandera' (Guess the Flag) thumbnail199737
Students in fourth grade Spanish at Chatterton are playing 'Adivina La Bandera' (Guess the Flag).

They are describing the flags from the Spanish speaking countries in Central America using colors and characteristics in the target language to their classmates.

Levy Lakeside Students Resume Morning Announcements

Sydney E and Ryan D., First Student Readers  thumbnail199717
With the start of October, Levy Lakeside School in the Merrick Union Free School District welcomed the return of a favorite tradition.

Each day, a sixth grade Lakeside Learner will lead the school community in the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as share important Student Council information.

The first student readers were Ryan D. and Sydney E.

Chatterton Students Get Creative With Writing

Student holding up his writing with teacher thumbnail199708
Students on computers researching how they want to design their BINGO board thumbnail199709
The sixth-grade writing classes at Chatterton School start their morning playing a whole class creative writing game and then go on to work towards getting BINGO on an individual creative writing BINGO board filled with prompts and fun writing activities to choose from.

Activities range from writing a creative story, song lyrics, or poems to designing billboards or a new book cover for their favorite book. There are 25 possible choices and fun for everyone.

Chatterton Sixth Graders Recreate Paleolithic Cave Paintings

students broken up into groups at their desks working on their paintings thumbnail199655
students broken up into groups at their desks working on their paintings thumbnail199784
Students' cave paintings including hand tracings and stick-figure cave people thumbnail199657
Students working on their cave paintings in a group thumbnail199658
Sixth-grade students at Chatterton School have been studying an important time in history known as the Stone Age. After learning about the hunter-gatherers from the Paleolithic Period, they took a virtual tour of Lascaux Prehistoric Cave paintings.

The Caves of Lascaux are located in southwestern France and contain some of the best-known Paleolithic art in the world. These paintings are estimated to be 17,300 years old. The images on the walls are of large animals that lived in the area at the time. After taking the tour of the caves, the students created their own cave paintings inspired by the images they saw along with other examples of primitive art online. 

“We used butcher paper as our cave walls and oil pastels to mimic the paints made from natural resources at that time. It was a lot of fun and a great hands-on experience for the students,” explained sixth grade teacher Laura Bonet.