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Birch Students Taking A Closer Look at Science

Students in Jessa Kolar's sixth grade classes thumbnail224681
Students in Jessa Kolar's sixth grade classes thumbnail224682
Students in Jessa Kolar's sixth grade classes thumbnail224683
Students in Jessa Kolar's sixth grade classes thumbnail224684

Students in Jessa Kolar's sixth grade classes at Birch School explored the use of microscopes for the first time this school year. These students worked together to bring their microscope skills into FOCUS!

Date Added: 9/19/2022

Birch Pre-K Students Attend Special Classes for First Time

Pre-K students at Birch School thumbnail224590
Pre-K students at Birch School thumbnail224591

Pre-K students at Birch School enjoyed their first visit to the library! They played the Name Game with school librarian, Vanessa Schroeder, and enjoyed a reading of “The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School: by Deborah Diesen. These newest Birch Beavers are eager to return to library again soon!

Date Added: 9/15/2022

Chatterton Students Gobble Up Reading at Book Tasting

Student Wearing Chefs Hat thumbnail224563

Students in Kelly Gonzalez's third grade class at Chatterton School stepped into a “café” on Sept. 14 and were able to “sample” reading materials during a book tasting activity.

Tablecloths and place settings were dotted around the classroom to give a restaurant feel. After devouring a few pages, students responded to their reading using their book tasting menus.

The activity allowed students to explore various genres of books.

“This year, I really wanted to make sure that students were taking home books in their book bags that they couldn't wait to read,” Gonzalez said. “I started by reading a silly read aloud titled, ‘I Don't Want to Read This Book’ by Max Greenfield to discuss choosing books that we actually want to and will read.”

Date Added: 9/15/2022

Chatterton PTA Hosts Welcome Back Picnic

Chatterton Students at Playground thumbnail224508
Chatterton Students at Playground thumbnail224509
Chatterton Students at Playground thumbnail224510
Chatterton Students at Playground thumbnail224511
Chatterton Students and Staff thumbnail224512
Chatterton Students at Playground thumbnail224513

Chatterton School’s PTA hosted a welcome back picnic on Sept. 8 on school grounds.

Staff welcomed families as a DJ was spinning tunes and students frolicked about the playground and courts. Meals were ordered and prepared ahead of time for families to enjoy dinner at the school as well.

Date Added: 9/14/2022

Merrick Schools Honor Sept. 11 on Patriot Day

Merrick Students thumbnail224507

Schools across the Merrick Union Free School District marked Sept. 11 with a series of events that honored this significant day in history.

At Chatterton, students all together stood for a moment of silence, and were read a poem by Principal Dana Bermas.

Stacey Mahoney's fourth grade class read Maira Kalman’s “Fireboat” a story about a boat that battled the roaring flames during 9/11. They discussed how important it was for everyone to come together and work together.

At Birch, Sherri Millevoi and Shauna Mastellon's third grade class read "America the Beautiful, Together We Stand." Students from Kathy Savino's class completed some patriotic coloring.

Sixth grade ELA teachers Andrea Gatto and Danielle Goldspielalso read "Fireboat." Their classes extended the learning through a Scope magazine video about water rescues.

At Lakeside, administration led a Patriot Day ceremony. The entire Lakeside community gathered around the flagpole as members of our Lakeside Student Council led a moving ceremony. Under the direction of Ms. Becchina and Jeffrey Glemoski, sixth grade

Student Council students including Akash Jaipersaud, Lena Malkin, Thomas Keane, Ben Mills, Sydney Sklar, Rina Goldmark, Noah Warshaw and Noah Brewer led Lakeside learners in the “Pledge of Allegiance” as well as the singing of the national anthem.

They called on Lakeside Learners to remember the power each student holds to spread peace and make a difference in our world.

Other classes incorporated age-appropriate material into their lessons as well in teachable moments.

Date Added: 9/14/2022