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Recording of April 7, 2020 Board of Ed Meeting

To view the virtual April 7, 2020 Board of Ed meeting, please click here.

Important Announcements

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On April 6, 2020, the Governor announced that schools will continue to be closed.  If no further order is issued, school will re-open on April 29, 2020.  No further information is available until the Governor's written order is issued.

Notice of Board Meeting - April 7, 2020

Letter from Superintendent of Schools - April 2, 2020
Information About SCOPE Emergency Childcare Services
Letter from Superintendent of Schools - March 27, 2020
Food Pantry List
Letter from the Superintendent of Schools - March 23, 2020
Important info on Playgrounds and Fields
Letter Regarding NYSSMA Festivals

Continuity of Learning

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Assignments for Birch School
Assignments for Chatterton School
Assignments for Levy Lakeside School

Zoom Etiquette

Community Resources

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Special Education
Student & Parent Wellness
Technology Resources & Supports
Food Pantry List
Information About SCOPE Emergency Childcare Services

Lakeside School Closure Info

Good Morning,

We know these are difficult times. The entire Lakeside staff cares deeply about the safety and well-being of your family. We thank you for your ongoing support to continue the home/school partnership. Please know we are available via email. If you need to speak to a teacher or us, please email us a phone number that is best to reach you at and we will contact you.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding public health and the coronavirus, school will remain closed until Wednesday, April 15. This date falls in the middle of our Spring Recess. Our learning plan will continue with ongoing instruction through Wednesday, April 8. Spring Recess will begin on April 9 as scheduled. Our return to school date will be Monday, April 20th. Of course, the return date may be altered by a future order from the Governor.

Attached are the school assignments for the week of March 30. We have provided these assignments with the understanding that all families are experiencing different situations in their homes, not with the intention to overwhelm you. If you are having difficulty completing the assignments, please contact your child’s teacher and they will make the necessary accommodations. Special area activities are suggestions, and are intended to provide a fun break from schoolwork. Many are great for the whole family to enjoy together.

Lastly, we have also attached, How to Access Math Lessons in Think Central. The Merrick website has further technology resources and supports if needed.

Stay well,
Libby Trencheny and Justin Gabrus