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Chatterton Students Share Nonfiction Research Projects

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At Roland A. Chatterton School, sixth graders in Deborah Cain, Lindsay Zender and Laura Bonet’s classes recently wrapped up their nonfiction reading unit. 

Students sat in small groups and presented mini projects to their peers, hoping to increase their classmates’ knowledge of interesting topics. To prepare for their presentations, students read nonfiction or narrative nonfiction books about their subject. 

In addition, students turned to other forms of nonfiction, such as articles, biographies and historical videos to celebrate Black History Month in February. 

Sixth graders wrote about famous Black Americans and created pennants using the knowledge that they learned from their research. Students then walked around the room to view, learn from and reflect on their classmates' research. 


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Merrick Students Celebrate ‘100 Days of School’

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Merrick School District students from Birch, Chatterton and Lakeside Schools all recently celebrated the 100th Day of School with a variety of fun activities. 

At Lakeside, students read books, sang songs, created necklaces and headbands and participated in a fashion show, complete with a red-carpet runway, to share their 100th day shirts. To end the day, students used 100 Legos and 100 tiles to build a variety of sculptures.

At Chatterton, students, decked out with grey wigs, walking canes and shawls, celebrated being “100 days smarter” by dressing up as 100-year-old men and women. 

Students at Birch School enjoyed watching and interacting with Kids Imagine Nation in a live-stream “100 Days Celebration” on March 1. Students visited the customized link every day in the week leading up to their 100th day of school to build excitement and anticipation. The company added the Birch logo and also sent each student a VIP badge to decorate and wear during the performance. 

The districtwide remote kindergarten class had a wonderful time celebrating the 100th day of school. The children dressed as if they were 100 years old and created 100-piece collections that they showed off to their classmates. Additionally, students created “100 Monsters” with 100 wacky body parts, read fun books about the 100th day and had a great time dancing while counting to 100.

Stay tuned for more photos!

Birch 100 Days Celebration Video
Chatterton Parade Video
Merrick 100 Days Video

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Spirit Day at Levy Lakeside Elementary School

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Levy Lakeside Elementary School recently celebrated its first Student Council sponsored spirit day. To learn more about the event, please refer to the article below, written by Levy Lakeside Elementary school fifth grader Frankie T.

“We are happy to announce that Friday, Feb. 12 was our first successful Student Council sponsored spirit day at Lakeside! The theme of the day was Pajama Day! We wore our comfiest jammies! We dressed in our comfiest jammies because Lakeside is our home away from home with all of the Lakeside Lions gathered together like one big family! The Lakeside Lions ROARED with PRIDE on this special day. We also had spirit day questions to answer, which give us the chance to win pencils! Pajama Day was the perfect way to start our February break!”