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Student Corner

Students Holding Dog Food And Cat Food That Was Donated thumbnail183263

We continue to celebrate all of the great lessons and activities taking place in our schools. Here, in the Student Corner, we hear from our students in their own voices.


“The Student Council Crew of Lakeside would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the Lion Families for sending in items for our collection for Bobbi and the Strays. Bobbi and the Strays is a local animal shelter who has cats and dogs that can be adopted. The furry pets live there until they find their FOREVER HOME! Some of the items we collected were: Old towels, spray disinfectant, kitty litter, wee wee pads, and cat/dog treats. In addition, some of the Lakeside Lions brought in items that Bobbi and the Strays weren’t able to use. These items were donated to the Nassau County Animal Shelter. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to help out many of our furry friends!”

By: Reese G.

“This year has been a difficult one for many people. Each year the Lakeside Student Council hosts a dance-a-thon. Typically, the 4-6th graders raise money for two chosen charities. Since a dance-a-thon was not permitted this year, the crew wanted to still donate to two charities. It was decided that we would donate $400 from our own account. We decided to donate $200 to The Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House provides all the comforts of home to family members when their children are hospitalized and they are far from home. The second charity we donated $200 to is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is a hospital that focuses on the care of children with life threatening illnesses. The doctors there also conduct research so they can find cures for many of the diseases. We are sure both charities will put our money to good use. Even in rough times, the Lakeside Lions are very proud to help in every way possible! ROAR!!!!

By: Samara B.

Virtual Art Visit

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Students in Brianna Mauren's and Theresa Zuccarello’s fifth grade classes at Levy Lakeside had their second virtual art partners visit with the Nassau County Museum of Art last week. For this experience, students examined a variety of sculptures and had discussions about them.

Students described what they noticed about the sculptures, how they made them feel, and if they reminded them of anything they had seen before. Movement was also incorporated as students mimicked some of the sculptures!

Students Discover that “Math is Everywhere”

Mrs. O'Donnell's kindergarten class photo thumbnail183094
Kindergarten students holding up their
Kindergarten students holding up their
Kindergarten students holding up their
Kindergarten students from Chatterton Elementary School held a “Math is Everywhere” celebration to recognize that math can be found in all aspects of everyday life.

As part of the celebration, students from Mrs. O’Donnell’s class went on a school scavenger hunt to discover where math could be found throughout the building.

“Students learned that math is everywhere we look, like in our classroom, homes and even in the restaurants we eat in!” said Mrs. O’Donnell.

The kindergartners also designed posters to show off all the places where math can be found. They then shared their posters with the entire class and shared in a celebratory chant of “Math is Everywhere!”

Students in Mrs. Shultz and Ms. Vernice’s classes also held similar math celebrations.

Science Takes Flight at Levy Lakeside

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Students in Mrs. Savastano’s class at Levy Lakeside Elementary School recently completed a science unit on the life cycle of butterflies. The students first placed tiny caterpillars into cups with food and witnessed the caterpillar’s transformation into a chrysalis. Students then decorated their own butterfly box and checked on their chrysalides daily.

When the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis, the students watched the butterflies take flight in the school garden, alongside fellow students from Mrs. Alogna’s, Mrs. Kassnove’s and Miss Parodi’s classes.

Merrick Students Celebrate Earth Day

Two young Chatterton students hold up their
Two young Chatterton students hold up their "For Earth Day I Will" pledges.

Students in Merrick School District celebrated Earth Day on April 22 with a variety of activities throughout the day.

At Birch School, students in Kimberly DePalma’s second-grade class kicked off the day by sharing an Earth Day poem. Students practiced reading and illustrating the poem, and some volunteered to read the poem aloud. Students also viewed a video on how to make the Earth a better place and then wrote about what they can do to help in this mission. Second graders in Vanessa Schroeder’s class also colored a hand on a globe and attached it to a writing activity that expressed how students can help to save the Earth.

At the Roland A. Chatterton School, a number of art projects provided students the opportunity to express their love and appreciation of the environment. In Christina’s Mongeluzzi’s English as a New Language class, the students placed their photos in a globe-shaped frame and decorated it with Earth Day symbols. Chatterton students also made a construction paper tree and placed heart-shaped messages about how to save and improve the environment. During a science activity, many students planted seeds that they can watch grow and eventually plant in their own gardens.

Kerin Kaplan’s first graders at Norman J. Levy Lakeside School colored Earth Day headbands that they wore on their walk around the campus to look for things that make the earth beautiful. They concluded their walk by writing about what makes the earth a beautiful place to live, what causes pollution and how they can protect the environment. They also planted mint seed in animal-shaped pots. Meagan Kassnove’s kindergarten class also celebrated the day with a scavenger hunt.