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Author/Illustrator Visits Lakeside for PARP Week

Author/Illustrator Visits Lakeside for PARP Week photo

As part of the school’s Pick a Reading Partner weeklong celebration, children’s author/illustrator Dan Yaccarino visited Levy Lakeside School, where he spoke about his inspiration and path to his profession, while also sharing samples of a variety of his work.

Some of Yaccarino’s more notable books include “Doug Unplugged,” “Unlovable” and “I Am a Story.” He is also known for his work on the animated television series “Oswald” and “The Backyardigans.” 

At the end of each of three assemblies, Yaccarino answered students’ questions. He also enjoyed lunch with a group of third-graders in the school library, when it was his turn to ask the questions and learn more about these students as readers and writers. Yaccarino also signed copies of his books for his gracious hosts.

Lakeside Gets in the Game With Book Bingo

Lakeside Gets in the Game With Book Bingo photo
Lakeside Gets in the Game With Book Bingo photo 2
Lakeside Gets in the Game With Book Bingo photo 3
To kick off its “Get in the Game...Read!” themed Pick a Reading Partner week, Levy Lakeside School held a schoolwide Book Bingo game. Each class was given copies of their own unique Bingo board as books were called over the school public address system. Students played a traditional straight-line game before playing for the letter “L” for Lakeside. The game was a fun, engaging way to involve every student in recognizing different book titles and letting students work with their classmates. Winning classes were awarded with gift certificates to the book fair to choose books for their respective classrooms.

Sound Engineers

Sound Engineers photo

Fourth-graders at Levy Lakeside School recently conducted some experiments on the power of sound, with help from a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) educator from Hofstra University.

Working in small groups, Hofstra master teacher and STEAM educator Christina Drago-Botti led students in different experiments conducted in Lakeside’s STEAM lab. Students were asked to choose from various materials to build the best sound barrier. They also attempted to use the sound of clapping their hands to move grains of salt seated on a Styrofoam cup and even strung two cups together to determine how sound travels. Drago-Botti also showed students how to measure sound using a decibel meter and shared videos that demonstrated how decibel level has the power to shatter glass – even a windshield! Pictured are students in Denise Crowley’s class learning all about sound.

Sandwichathon Delivers for Hunger Relief

Sandwichathon Delivers for Hunger Relief photo

As part of their annual service learning project, approximately 75 sixth-graders, along with staff from Levy Lakeside School, dedicated time during their day to make and pack more than 3,000 cold cut sandwiches and over 550 packs of cookies to feed families in need. The sandwiches were donated to the River Fund, a mobile food pantry that fights hunger in dozens of New York City neighborhoods.

During the eighth-annual school Sandwichathon, Lakeside cafeteria resembled an assembly line of focused, philanthropic scholars and staff hustling to get these sandwiches ready for distribution. But it wasn’t just the sweat and manpower that they provided. Students and staff themselves donated turkey, cheese, ham, cold cuts and bread for the sandwiches. Local businesses also stepped up, particularly Stop & Shop of Merrick, which donated a large pallet of water, as well as cold cuts, bread, chips, muffins and sandwich bags for 1,500 lunches. Hey!cookie of Jericho which donated 840 cookies, Spiga Bakery of Bellmore, Valentino Food Market of Queens and Wonder Bread also made significant contributions. 

According to sixth-grade teacher and project coordinator Susan Molloy, a single Lakeside student came up with idea for the Sandwichathon because she wanted to do something special for the homeless on her birthday. Other Lakeside students heard about her idea and were inspired to help out, leading to a tradition that has fed thousands of homeless people. 

“Given the size of the school’s student body, we decided to create our own Sandwichathon project,” Molloy said. “Each year the effort grows and donations increase, giving more of our students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.” 

Lakeside Lions to the Rescue

Lakeside Lions to the Rescue photo
Lakeside Lions to the Rescue photo 2
Lakeside Lions to the Rescue photo 3
Lakeside Lions to the Rescue photo 4
Bobbi and the Strays is a local animal shelter that takes care of cats and dogs until they can find their forever homes. Bobbi and the Strays has been known to travel to other parts of the United States to rescue animals who are in danger, especially during natural disasters such as hurricanes and wild fires. This shelter will never put down an animal. Some of its residents have lived there for years waiting to be adopted.  

The Lakeside Student Council Crew knew how great a need there was at Bobbi and the Strays, so they held a collection for a week and a half and the donations came pouring in. They were able to collect 16 huge garbage bags filled with old towels, blankets and sheets, which are used to bathe and keep the animals comfortable while waiting for their forever homes. 

In addition, our volunteer mamas also dropped off eight boxes of food, treats, collars, leashes and toys. The volunteers at Bobbi and the Strays were blown out of the water by the generosity of the Lakeside Family! The best part is that they didn’t know about the collection, so everything was a surprise to them! We couldn’t have been happier to help such a worthy charity. 

Student Council mamas Loretta Watstein and Terri Lieberman are pictured delivering the donations.
If you are interested in adopting or volunteering your time, you can contact Bobbi and the Strays, 2 Rider Place, Freeport, New York, at (516) 378-4340. 

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