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Lakeside Students Share Messages of Kindness

Mrs. Arm's fourth graders at Lakeside thumbnail252207

On World Kindness Day, Mrs. Arm's fourth graders at Lakeside crafted impactful messages. The work was inspired by Mrs. Fox's late husband's book Doodles, Volume One.

Mr. Fox's empowering and positive doodles were the platform for creating the messages hanging outside the fourth grader's classroom.

Mrs. Arm's students invited Mrs. Fox's second grade class to see what important work they did and had a share time outside their classroom.

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Date Added: 11/21/2023

Student Corner

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A group of students thumbnail252146
The members of the Lakeside Student Council have been promoting a special project called Coats for Kids. The Coats for Kids project is something we do each year.

The members collect gently used coats and boots that will help keep our neighbors warm this winter. The members collected 10 huge bags of coats, and 5 to 6 boxes of winter boots this ear.

We worked hard to get the word out about this service project. We sent out flyers and made daily announcements.

We want to thank all the Lakeside Lions who donated coats and boots! What a great feeling to know that we were able to help so many people.

Shelby R.

Date Added: 11/20/2023

Spanish Classes Are Engaged in Learning

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Lakeside students have been engaged in learning during Señora Casey’s Spanish classes.

Third graders are thriving as they are learning to express themselves and communicate with one another in Spanish. They recently learned about Dia de Los Muertos and how the Mexican tradition is celebrated and honored. They designed and decorated their own calaveras (skulls) and shared them with their peers.

Fourth graders continue learning to identify numbers 0-31 and can now express their birthdays and ages in Spanish. They also recently learned about a festival celebrated in Guatemala called Barriletes Gigantes, which is a giant kite celebration to honor people that are no longer with us.

Sixth graders are learning about Spain. Students performed in La Tomatina, a famous tomato “fight” festival, explored La Boqueria, one of the world’s most famous food markets, and identified the ingredients in and expressed whether they would eat paella, tortilla española, and churros.


Lakeside Third Graders Are Digital Citizens

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kids on computer thumbnail251723
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Third graders at Lakeside have been immersed in learning about digital citizenship by using Nearpod as an interactive tool.

"During this activity, they participated in self-assessing how they would feel while experiencing real life situations that involved technology," said Librarian Melissa Levine.

Their answers fostered great conversations about appropriate time and use of digital tools.

Halloween Fun with Third Graders at Lakeside

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Mr. Flick, Mrs. Bennett, Dr. Gargan, Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Wolf are excited to share the fantastic Halloween festivities that our third graders enjoyed at Levy Lakeside Elementary School.

It was a day filled with creativity, spooky stories, and enchanting moments.

“Our talented third graders took part in a special Halloween-themed creative writing activity,” said Dr. Gargan. “They wrote spooky stories that sent shivers down our spines and ignited our imaginations. The young authors displayed remarkable talent and enthusiasm in crafting tales that transported us to haunted mansions, mysterious forests, and magical realms.”

These young wordsmiths didn't keep these stories to themselves.

“They had the opportunity to share their chilling narratives with their peers, creating an atmosphere of suspense and excitement,” added Mrs. Bennett. “It was inspiring to see the students' confidence and storytelling skills shine during this activity.”

In addition to the captivating storytelling, the "Starbooks Haunted Cafe" was a highlight of the day.

“Our students were treated to a spooktacular café experience, complete with eerie decorations and tantalizing books that made them feel like they were in a witch's lair,” Mr. Jackson noted.

“We're thrilled to witness the creativity, imagination, and camaraderie among our third graders during this Halloween celebration,” added Mr. Flick.

Mrs. Wold called students’ enthusiasm for storytelling, reading, and the Halloween spirit was “truly infectious.”

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Date Added: 11/2/2023