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Extra Help

Availability of Extra Help  
Teachers are available for extra help everyday of the week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:15 am to 8:40 am, and on Monday and Wednesday, from 8:25 am to 8:40 am.  
Purpose of Extra Help  
The purpose of the extra help sessions is to provide an opportunity for children who need additional assistance to learn the content from a particular subject. Therefore, if you choose to take advantage of extra help, please make sure that your child is prepared with a specific academic need upon arriving for this service.  
Communication Between Teachers and Parents  
I am asking that parents speak to teachers prior to sending their children for extra help.  This will allow the teacher to plan for your child’s specific needs, and be ready to start as soon as your child arrives. This will also maximize the effectiveness of the extra help session. 
Designated Days for Certain Subject Areas 
We have also found that several children sometimes attend extra help for a variety of reasons and it is difficult for the teacher to address all of the needs in all of these subject areas at a single session. Therefore, your child’s teacher may decide to offer specific extra help for certain subject areas on certain days (e.g. Math on Tuesdays, Language Arts on Thursdays, etc.).  If your child’s teacher decides to designate certain
days for specific subjects, then he/she will communicate that to you.  
Extra Help Times  
If you are sending your child for extra help in the morning, please ensure that he/she arrives promptly at 8:15 am and signs the attendance sheet in the main lobby of the school.  
Canceling Extra Help Sessions  
From time to time, when other important school related obligations arise, teachers may have to cancel an extra help session.  We will try to keep these to a minimum, but on those rare occasions, your teacher will communicate to you about the cancellation.  
Teacher Absenteeism  
When a teacher is absent from school, the substitute teacher, whenever possible, will conduct the extra help session.