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Social Emotional Learning

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The Merrick UFSD has a long-standing tradition of prioritizing social and emotional learning within our classrooms. We believe that fostering a meaningful connection between our Merrick community, families, schools, and individual classrooms is integral to best support our students. We view social-emotional learning as a broad term referring to how students regulate their emotions, communicate with others, use compassion and empathy to understand the needs of other people, build relationships and make healthy decisions.

As educators, we believe in creating a space for student growth, that begins with the relationships we foster with our students and families. When students feel a sense of belonging within the school environment, they will be more willing to attempt new skills, share their thinking, openly assess learning, and put forth increased effort in their learning experiences.

Social emotional learning within the Merrick UFSD is supported by all our classroom teachers, in collaboration with district administrators, building administrators, school psychologists, school social workers, behavior analyst, school counselor, and our entire professional staff.



Social Emotional competencies are specific skills, habits, and mindsets that we believe must be explicitly taught like any academic skill. The Merrick UFSD utilizes comprehensive, evidence-based programs to instruct learners in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Our programs support, encourage, and celebrate a learner’s diversity. The classroom instruction is designed to create a learning atmosphere based on the needs of all learners, that stresses each Merrick community member is needed, valued, and important. Classroom lessons, delivered by the classroom teacher, guide students to learn the social, emotional, and thinking skills necessary to create a safe and supportive environment.


School Counselor

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The school counseling program in the Merrick UFSD supports students’ social, emotional, and academic growth beginning with our youngest learners. Our program provides age-appropriate educational activities which are integrated into all aspects of our students' lives. Each class districtwide receives counseling lessons delivered by our school counselor. These lessons provide students with the necessary skills to be successful life-long learners. Based upon student self evaluations and teacher referrals, small group instruction is provided to students who require skill development in the social and emotional domains. The school counselor also supports our sixth grade students with their transition to middle school. Every year, our sixth grade students meet individually with the counselor to review individual progress, interests, and to help establish future goals for learning.


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