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AIS Plan

Academic Intervention Services are designed to assist all students who are at risk of not achieving the state learning standards in English language arts, mathematics, social studies or science, or who do not meet or exceed the designated performance levels on state assessments.

In compliance with the No Child Left Behind legislation, Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are defined as additional instruction that supplements regular classroom instruction to assist students in meeting the state’s learning standards.   Additional instruction can include additional time for focused instruction and or increased student-teacher contact time through push in or pull out services.  Academic Intervention Services are available to students with disabilities on the same basis as non-disabled students. AIS for limited English proficient (LEP)/English language learners (ELL) must also be planned and implemented in coordination with the LEP/ELL student’s general education program.

AIS services can also include support through guidance and counseling, improvement in attendance, and study skills which are needed to support improved academic performance.

Relevant regulations can be found in the appendix.