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Social Studies

Integrated Social Studies English Language Arts Curriculum

The Integrated SS/ELA Curriculum is a web-based, user-friendly curriculum developed by teachers from the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES region and beyond. The curriculum development process was guided by expert social studies and technology consultants utilizing the Understanding by Design Framework. Following a continuous improvement model, the curriculum is updated annually. The content of the curriculum is aligned to:

  • The New York State Social Studies Framework
  • C3 Inquiries
  • The Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Literacy in Social Studies/History


Balanced Literacy Connections

A strong literature component is one hallmark of this program. For each lesson, read-alouds are identified and annotated. Questioning strategies are presented. To support a balanced literacy classroom, teachers can access guided reading suggestions, ideas for using varied genre, and leveled book lists. Writing tasks ask students to compare and contrast, state a point of view, write persuasively, write a letter, and answer document-based questions.

Curriculum Units K-6

Merrick Social Studies Curriculum Map 2023-2024


Getting to Know Myself and Others

  • Myself and Others
  • How Can I Be a Good Citizen?
  • Understanding Economics/Geography


Grade 1

My Family and Other Families Now and Long Ago

  • Rules and Laws
  • We are Family
  • Unity in Community
  • Economics


Grade 2

My Community and Other United States Communities

  • Active Citizenship
  • Rural, Urban and Suburban Communities
  • Geography of Communities
  • Change and Interdependence in Communities


Grade 3

Communities Around the World: People and Places

  • Geography
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Kenya
  • Making a Difference Around the World


Grade 4

State History and Government

  • The Three Worlds: Native Americans, Europeans and Africans Merge
  • The Impact of the Colonial & Revolutionary War Periods
  • National and Local Government
  • Change Comes to Our State


Grade 5

The Western Hemisphere

  • A New World Rising
  • European Exploration and Slavery
  • Geography in the Western Hemisphere
  • Government in the Western Hemisphere
  • Economics in the Western Hemisphere
  • Cultural Diversity

Grade 6

The Eastern Hemisphere

  • Neolithic Revolution
  • River Valley Civilizations
  • Classical Civilizations
  • Comparative World Religions
  • Mediterranean World
  • Interaction Across the Eastern Hemisphere